What can I find in the Plates4fun e-shop? What is the meaning of funplates?

The Plates4Fun (funplates) are aluminum plates, thickness 1mm, made just as the plates of the regular legal cars license plates. The dimension of each plate is 11 x 52 cm, while the margin and the letters are embossed just like the original ones!

Create any possible combination using the existing letters and symbols by selecting the desired background and view the finalized funplate before you order! You can also contact us to order any special funplate you want, choosing your own background with your company logo or frame on your plate. Anything you could possibly imagine do not hesitate to suggest it! There will be a way to set it on your vehicle.

We are continuously adding new products and offers so it’s worth to visit us often.


The funplates will have to be fixed on a stationary point, and to be screwed and fastened properly, on any place you want by experienced adult staff. Any other use is forbidden. The funplates are not a toy. The aluminum texture may be injured during placement or any other use. We accept no responsibility for injury. Please also note that is prohibited by law to use a vehicle in a public street, with plates that does not having the embossed legal seal of the local Ministry of Transportation.

Can I order a funplate to be used on my car? On my trailer?

Yes on the trailer – Not on the Car:

I can order a funplate identical to the one on my car, choosing the reflective plate like and selecting letters from the official font of the ministry. The result is perfectly IDENTICAL!

BUT you are not supposed to replace the original license plate with the fun plate, because it does not have the embossed seal of the Ministry of Transport. You can only use them on a carrying vehicle, or a trailer, or a caravan.

What is the ordering process?

After creating the desired Plates4Fun product (the funplate) and complete your purchases through the system, you will receive an email confirming your order with a preview of the funplate. Please keep or print this confirmation until you receive our products.

The Plates4Fun will be shipped by courier to the your address within 2-3 working days. We ship them by the most reliable courier companies and by regular mail for shipments, for orders inside the Greek country. For worldwide delivery the shipping time is the same, but the final delivery period may vary depending on the country. In any case you will receive an extra email by shipping time, which will inform you about the courier company, the tracking number, and the delivery estimation time. Moreover you can visit the courier site to check the status and locate the funplates. 

We will replace any product is not delivered in perfect condition, if you inform us within 2 days of receiving by sending us an email at sales@plates4fun.com

What if I want to make a large order?

For bulk and special orders please contact us to find for you the best possible solution. Dealers of used cars & boats, trailers manufacturers, clubs fans, large groups with common interests, Fun Clubs are examples of collective ordering that we receive regularly.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any possible questions!

Is it safe to make payments on plates4fun.com?

We guarantee 100% secure transactions for all our customers.

Our e-shop does not process directly any credit card details payments, as the whole paying process is controlled and completed through , which is the largest and safest bank company in the country (www.alpha.gr). So for your safety our company does not receive any credit card, but only the approval of the transaction is sent to us directly from your bank. Therefore, your credit details are being encoded and being exchanged between your computer and the computer bank, so no one has access to your personal information.

If you have other questions about the security of your personal data please contact us.

What is the shipping cost?

The Plates4Fun can ship your funplates around the world. We formulate our policy based on reliability and the lowest possible cost.

The final shipment cost is depending on the weight and the destination. There are 2 ways of delivery: Courier or take away from our headquarters. The shipping cost is 8 € for Attica and 8 € for the rest of Greece for the weight to 2 kg (10 car plates). Note that in areas identified as inaccessible by the company Courier, shipment of products by regular mail.

In case you do not want to pay transportation fees you can collect your products from our company. In this case you will receive an email that informs you that your order is complete and ready for pickup.

Our address is 2 Levidiou st., Moschato, 18346 Athens and times of funplates pick up is 9.00 - 15.00 Monday to Friday.

On how many days will I receive my funplates?

All the completed orders are ready for shipment within 2-3 working days (depending on order size and availability of materials) and being shipped directly. In any case you will receive an email with the courier tracking number.